FBI shuts down Sunspot Solar Observatory without explanation. Did scientists spot aliens?


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Something really strange is happening right now in New Mexico. The FBI suddenly evacuated The Sunspot Solar Observatory (SSO), an astronomical observatory designed for the study of the Sun, located in the Sacramento Mountains in Sunspot. A lot of conspiracy theories arise regarding this mysterious event.


The Sunspot Solar Observatory was closed and evacuated on September 6. We only know that there was some kind of "security issue". It is not known what really happened in this observatory, that's why internauts create a lot of theories and become very inquisitive. Did scientists discover aliens?

The Sunspot Solar Observatory

The mysterious silence around this incident is disturbing. Neither the FBI nor the representatives of the astronomical observatory want to give the real reason for the closure. However, it is known that the SSO will be reopened only after solving the "problem".


The most popular theories regarding the closing of the SSO refer to making contact with an alien civilization and the discovery of a spacecraft near the Sun. So what really happened at The Sunspot Solar Observatory? It is possible that we will never know the truth.



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