Astronomers have found a Dyson sphere star


Credit: NASA

Astronomers at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis have discovered a mysterious flickering star. It's strange and unpredictable behavior suggests that we are dealing with another star with the Dyson sphere.


A new object called VVV-WIT-07 is most likely a star, but no one can explain its unusual behavior. It reminds us of the famous Tabby star, also known as KIC 8462852. It turns out that we have discovered another star, which in a mysterious way constantly changes its brightness.


VVV-WIT-07 was discovered thanks to the VISTA optical telescope in Chile, which belongs to the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Astronomers searched for supernovae in the Milky Way and accidentally stumbled upon a strange star. In 2010-2018, VVV-WIT-07 changed its brightness in an irregular way. Its light dropped by up to 80%.

So far, we've only discovered a few such strange stars. For example, KIC 8462852 at some moments lost up to about 20% of brightness. On the other hand, the J1407 star was able to dim up to 95%. It is assumed that these stars are surrounded by a gigantic megastructure, called the Dyson sphere, which may be the work of an alien civilization.



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