Terrified resident of England discovers that his house is haunted!


Credit: YouTube

Stephen Lee filmed a ghost in his house in Kent. He noticed some strange incidents as well and now he realized that his home is haunted!


House owner installed cameras in his living room to keep an eye on his two French Bulldogs. But at night in the summer, he recorded something that resembles a ghost. Stephen Lee was skeptical, but then he changed his mind.

Later, house owner saw some mysterious events. One of his dogs kept staring into a hallway and growled. When he put up the Christmas tree, lights have flickered on and off. Stephen said that a few items had also been thrown on to the floor.


Finally he understand that the house is haunted. This is all the more likely due to the fact that the building once functioned as a hospital. Perhaps the soul of the deceased patient decided to live in it. It is not known, however, whether a man is planning to move, or he is going to get rid of unwanted tenants from the underworld.



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