UFO observed during eruption of Volcano Colima


Credit: Youtube

One of the most active volcanoes in Mexico, Colima, is well known from many unexplained observations made by webcams monitoring it. On January 23rd 2017 some anomaly lookin like UFO was detected again.  

The footage is showing several white UFOs followed by some dark object. After few seconds Colima is starting another eruption. It is hard to say if this has something in common.

In the past, many times unexplained object were seen near Colima. A lot of this observations remains mistery untill now. It is worth to mention that very similar observations were made near another mexican volcano, Popocatepetl, that is even stranger than Colima.

For example there was incident when some object dive in the crater and flown away after two weeks. It looked exactly the same as it was the same object. But is it possible to go in and out of the volcano in some kind of device with our modern technology? It is not likly and that is why there is opinion that volcanos interior can be reached by UFOs where it may be some kind of secret bases hidden from humanity.



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