Hand of alleged alien discovered in one of Peruvian caves


Credit: YouTube

Here it is new strange discovery in Peru. It looks like strange three finger hand and it was discovered in one of the deepest and previously unexplored Peruvian caves. Some ufo ecperts claim that this could be real hand of an alien whose skull was previously found in Cuzco, Peru.

If you compare this mummified hand with the limbs of different animals, existing and extinct, there are no coincidences. After X-Ray picture was done it wad possible to say it has bones but definitly not human type. It is worth to mention that it has also nails. The biggest resemblance in appearance of the hand is animal called sloth but if it is the origin it should have remained very long nails not this type. There is also some theory that this hand may come from some unknown bird, but in this occasion it should have claws and not shor nails.

Tissue decomposition on the bones indicate that the so called "alien" died relatively recently, about 3,000 years ago. In addition to this hands, no other body parts in the cave was detected. Ufologists are planning to analyze the DNA and find out to whom this hand could belong.




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