Incredible piranha with human teeth caught in Russia



A resident of the village of Morozovka caught a terrifying piranha in the Black River of Kalitva. The fisherman with over 20 years of fishing experience was shocked when he discovered that the fish had square human-like teeth.


Local fisherman, known as Yuri, caught a black 32cm-long fish. At first he was very surprised by it's teeth, but later he found out that the fish he caught was a herbivorous piranha – black paku, which can be found in South America.

According to biology professor Elena Zhemchuzhnikova, the habitat of the piranhas covers almost all of South America. Piranhas live in rivers, canals, floodplains, and lakes because they are not able to breed in salt water.

Elena Zhemchuzhnikova thinks that this particular piranha, which was found in the Black River of Kalitva, was released into the wild by an aquarium or private collector.



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