Should artificial intelligence take over the world?


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Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and there are fears that one day, AI will rebel against humans, or create its own civilization, which will compete with us. Interestingly, some experts wonder if it is artificial intelligence that is the key to our survival.


Tomáš Mikolov from Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) said during The Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence in Prague that fears of AI may be unjustified. The expert said that the human species often makes terrible decisions that affect the future of us and our planet.


Tomáš Mikolov pointed to the destruction of rainforests and other ecosystems to obtain natural resources. In this way, consciously or not, humanity contributes to the slow and perhaps irreversible degradation of the Earth. This example shows the short-sightedness of our species.


According to him, artificial intelligence could even save us from a potential disaster. The researcher said that people can not even predict what will happen in 20-30 years. Therefore, one could develop an algorithm that would accurately show the consequences of decisions made by humanity.


Of course, artificial intelligence could also help us in many other areas. However, other participants of the conference decided that Mikolov approaches this topic too optimistically. AI could certainly save humanity from herself, but who would create such an algorithm and how would we know what its true intentions would be? We probably do not realize all the risks. Therefore, devoting power to the computer would be very dangerous.



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