Time-traveller from 2030 passes lie detector test. 'Noah' makes alarming predictions about future


Credit: YouTube

A man who claims he is from the future has allegedly passed a lie detector test. The stranger, who goes by the name of "Noah", claims he is from the year 2030 nad has evidence to prove it.


The time-traveller says he is hiding behind a pseudonym, because his life is in danger. "Noah" tells us about the life in 2030 and now fears assassination. He claims among other things that US president Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020, Artificial Intelligence will take over the world and humans will fly to Mars and start time-traveling in 2028.


"Noah" claims he is stuck in 2018 and have to stay far away from his past version to avoid causing a paradox. Moreover, the time-traveller says he has a small device in his left hand which helps him skip between time periods.

In an interview with Apex Tv, the man from the future agreed to take a lie detector test to proof his claims and has allegedly passed. "Noah" says he wants to make people believe in time-travelling and that's all. Many people are sceptical of his latest interview though.



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