We could bring cryogenically frozen corpses back to life


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Today's medicine is able to eliminate many diseases that were once incurable. However, scientists are more and more convinced that death can also be treated as a disease that can be "cured" in the future with the help of new technologies. For example, cryogenics gives hope for a very long and healthy life, and perhaps even immortality.


Dennis Kowalski, director of the Michigan Institute of Cryonics, is convinced that in the future it will be possible to revive a frozen human corpse with the help of stem cell therapy. In his opinion, humans will be able to return to life and will have organisms even younger than before death.

According to Kowalski, the first patient will be revived thanks to cryogenics and advanced therapy in 50-100 years. It all depends on the progress in stem cell technology. He believes that stem cells could be injected into the bodies of frozen patients passing through the thawing process.


Institute of Cryonics offers cryonics for $28,000 per person. It already has about 2,000 customers on its list, and over 160 people and 100 animals have already been frozen. It is interesting that Dennis Kowalski paid $140,000 to the institute to freeze himself, his wife and their three children in the case of their death.



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