This man claims he had sex with aliens


Credit: YouTube

A 74-year-old artist from New York claims he has been visited by aliens and he lost his virginity to one. The man also convinces that he fathered a lot of half-human, half-alien hybrid children.


David Huggins says he met an unknown woman in the forest in Georgia when he was 17 years old. The creature resembled a woman with long legs, with a pale face and large alien eyes. She allegedly approached him and they just started performing sex.

Huggins claims that he fathered hundreds of babies with her and possibly other females. The man reportedly founded a large family with aliens and gave birth to human alien hybrid.


Unfortunately he can't support his claims with evidence. David Huggins says he decided to use his talent to capture his memories by painting the aliens - one of his artworks shows the alien woman with whom he lost his virginity.



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