Dozens of mummified cats, scarabs discovered in Egypt


Credit: Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt

An extraordinary discovery was made in Egypt. In Saqqara, near the famous pyramids in Giza, archaeologists have found tombs in which mummified cats and a rare collection of scarabs were kept.


Egyptian archaeologists began research in April this year. The team announced the discovery of seven tombs - some of them even 2500 years old. Three of them contained mummified cats, which in ancient Egypt were considered sacred animals.

Archaeologists have also discovered an unusual collection of scarabs that were kept in sarcophagus decorated with paintings and were also worshiped by ancient Egyptians. Some of them are 6,000 years old.

In total, dozens of mummified animals have been retrieved. Researchers also discovered many wooden gilded figures of cats and one particular statue, made of bronze, which depicted Bastet - the Egyptian goddess of love, joy, cats, fire, music, dance and fertility.



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