Irish Aviation Authority investigating reports of UFO sighting by pilots



Several pilots of passenger planes claim to have seen UFO off the coast of Ireland. The Irish Aviation Authority decided to open an investigation to check out these alarming reports.


First strange sighting was reported last Friday morning on November 9th by a pilot of a British Airways. Officials from Shannon Air Traffic Control (ATC) confirmed that there were no planned military exercises taking place and that there was nothing showing on their radars. But a pilot of Boeing 787 says that he spotted a strange flying object which had come up along the left-hand side of the aircraft and then it disappeared at very high speed.


Shortly thereafter, pilot of a Virgin Airlines Boeing 747, flying from Orlando to Manchester, and pilot of a Norwegian Air 737 flight, travelling from New York to Shannon, also reported observation of mysterious superfast UFO.

The Irish Aviation Authority is now investigating the sightings. Experts don't know how to explain this strange observation.



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