Elderly woman claims eating sand has cured her brain tumor


Credit: Ruptly/YouTube

70-year-old Stanislava Monstvilene claims that a sand diet has not only improved her health, but it also cured a serious illness. A "mineral diet" reportedly helped her beat brain tumor.


Babushka from Lithuania has been eating sand for over a decade. The diet cured her from diseases, improved her blood pressure and most importantly - it helped defeat cancer.


Stanislava Monstvilene says that at first time she choked, but over time, her body got used to it and even became addicted to the new diet. Old lady claims that she is now forced to eat sand, because without it she experiences health problems. Local therapist Liliana Vaishvilene confirmed that the 70-year-old woman is healthy and for several years she did not ask for medical help.


A clever granny even gave some advice. She suggested eating the sand itself and abandoning any other food. Stanislava also indicates that wet sand quenches thirst. The beginnings of a new diet are very difficult, so babushka advised to be patient.



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