November 2018

Astronomers have found a Dyson sphere star

Astronomers at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis have discovered a mysterious flickering star. It's strange and unpredictable behavior suggests that we are dealing with another star with the Dyson sphere.


A new object called VVV-WIT-07 is most likely a star, but no one can explain its unusual behavior. It reminds us of the famous Tabby star, also known as KIC 8462852. It turns out that we have discovered another star, which in a mysterious way constantly changes its brightness.


VVV-WIT-07 was discovered thanks to the VISTA optical telescope in Chile, which belongs to the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Astronomers searched for supernovae in the Milky Way and accidentally stumbled upon a strange star. In 2010-2018, VVV-WIT-07 changed its brightness in an irregular way. Its light dropped by up to 80%.

So far, we've only discovered a few such strange stars. For example, KIC 8462852 at some moments lost up to about 20% of brightness. On the other hand, the J1407 star was able to dim up to 95%. It is assumed that these stars are surrounded by a gigantic megastructure, called the Dyson sphere, which may be the work of an alien civilization.


Dozens of mummified cats, scarabs discovered in Egypt

An extraordinary discovery was made in Egypt. In Saqqara, near the famous pyramids in Giza, archaeologists have found tombs in which mummified cats and a rare collection of scarabs were kept.


Egyptian archaeologists began research in April this year. The team announced the discovery of seven tombs - some of them even 2500 years old. Three of them contained mummified cats, which in ancient Egypt were considered sacred animals.

Archaeologists have also discovered an unusual collection of scarabs that were kept in sarcophagus decorated with paintings and were also worshiped by ancient Egyptians. Some of them are 6,000 years old.

In total, dozens of mummified animals have been retrieved. Researchers also discovered many wooden gilded figures of cats and one particular statue, made of bronze, which depicted Bastet - the Egyptian goddess of love, joy, cats, fire, music, dance and fertility.


Irish Aviation Authority investigating reports of UFO sighting by pilots

Several pilots of passenger planes claim to have seen UFO off the coast of Ireland. The Irish Aviation Authority decided to open an investigation to check out these alarming reports.


First strange sighting was reported last Friday morning on November 9th by a pilot of a British Airways. Officials from Shannon Air Traffic Control (ATC) confirmed that there were no planned military exercises taking place and that there was nothing showing on their radars. But a pilot of Boeing 787 says that he spotted a strange flying object which had come up along the left-hand side of the aircraft and then it disappeared at very high speed.


Shortly thereafter, pilot of a Virgin Airlines Boeing 747, flying from Orlando to Manchester, and pilot of a Norwegian Air 737 flight, travelling from New York to Shannon, also reported observation of mysterious superfast UFO.

The Irish Aviation Authority is now investigating the sightings. Experts don't know how to explain this strange observation.


Is the Earth flat, round or... donut-shaped?

According to a crazy supporter of the theory of Flat Earth, the Earth is not actually flat, but is shaped like a donut. Or maybe a flat donut?


The user, going by the name of Varaug, presented his own theory on the shape of the Earth on the Flat Earth Society forum. He claims that our planet is like a donut - it has a hole in the center that nobody has noticed before. But how would it be possible?

Varaug says that "light bends and follows the curvature of the torus, making the hole unseeable". He explains his theory with a torch and a table experiment.

"Lay a torch horizontal on a table and turn it on. Now, get a donut and place it on it's side, with the hole perpendicular to the torch. The side that is illuminated by the torch is in day. Over 24 hours, the donut performs one complete revolution. Spin it half way around, this signifies the passing of 12 hours. Now, the side that was in day, is facing away from the torch and is in night. The side that was in night, is now facing the torch and is in day."

Varaug claims that the Earth was created in a unique way and it is the only donut-shaped planet known to us. Furthermore, he says, we cannot rule out the possibility that the Earth is shaped like a torus, and therefore the hypothesis must be considered as a potential model.


Plane „suspended mid-air” spotted in Russia

An unusual phenomenon was observed near Moscow. Motorists have captured a footage of a passenger plane „suspendend mid-air”.


The video was recorded near Vnukovo airport. It shows a plane that looks as if it has stopped in the air. The recording caused a lot of confusion on the internet.


Many users claiming it to be a „glitch in the Matrix”. However, this phenomenon may have a more mundane explanation.


Plane „suspended mid-air” is probably an optical illusion, caused by low speed of the plane, which was apparently landing, and high winds blowing in its direction. Clear weather and position of the motorists, who travelled towards the plane, have only made the plane look even more suspended.


Interstellar object Oumuamua is solar sail from alien probe, say Harvard researchers

Oumuamua is the first interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System. We still don't know much about the characteristics of this celestial body, but Harvard astronomers suggests it is a solar sail of extra-terrestrial origin.


Oumuamua was discovered on 19 October 2017 by Robert Weryk from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Astronomer used the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakala Observatory. When first seen, object was about 33,000,000 km from Earth and already heading away from the Sun.

Multiple observations of Oumuamua revealed that it has the characteristics of both a comet and an asteroid, and it did not show any signs of outgassing as it passed close to our Sun, which would have indicated that it was a comet. But scientists was able to obtain spectra that indicated that Oumuamua was more icy than previously thought. Moreover, analysis of the images obtained by Hubble Space Telescope revealed strange behavior – Oumuamua, as it began to leave the Solar System, had increased in velocity, rather than slowing down as expected.


Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb, astronomers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics say that Oumuamua could in fact be a light sail, a form of spacecraft that relies on radiation pressure to generate propulsion, and it may been sent from another civilization. The probe may be defunct and this would help explain why program called Breakthrough Listen found no evidence of radio transmissions. Oumuamua could be the first known case of an artificial relic which floated into our Solar System from interstellar space.