Is the Earth flat, round or... donut-shaped?


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According to a crazy supporter of the theory of Flat Earth, the Earth is not actually flat, but is shaped like a donut. Or maybe a flat donut?


The user, going by the name of Varaug, presented his own theory on the shape of the Earth on the Flat Earth Society forum. He claims that our planet is like a donut - it has a hole in the center that nobody has noticed before. But how would it be possible?

Varaug says that "light bends and follows the curvature of the torus, making the hole unseeable". He explains his theory with a torch and a table experiment.

"Lay a torch horizontal on a table and turn it on. Now, get a donut and place it on it's side, with the hole perpendicular to the torch. The side that is illuminated by the torch is in day. Over 24 hours, the donut performs one complete revolution. Spin it half way around, this signifies the passing of 12 hours. Now, the side that was in day, is facing away from the torch and is in night. The side that was in night, is now facing the torch and is in day."

Varaug claims that the Earth was created in a unique way and it is the only donut-shaped planet known to us. Furthermore, he says, we cannot rule out the possibility that the Earth is shaped like a torus, and therefore the hypothesis must be considered as a potential model.



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