Most Russians believe in the existence of a global government


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Does one global government really exist? Most Russians are convinced that a handful of rich people is controlling the world. This is the result of the survey carried out by the VTSIOM agency.


From a survey including opinions of two thousand people, we learn that 67% of Russian citizens believe in the existence of a secret world government. Only 24% negate its existence, while the rest remains undecided. Only two years ago, 45% of Russians were convinced that the world is ruled by a handful of rich and influential people.


The results of the survey show that the majority of people who believe in one global government can not prove its existence. Some Russians argued their position with the existence of organizations such as the UN and NATO.


Among believers in the global government, 74% of respondents claim that it is hostile to Russia. 23% of people indicated that the world is ruled by financiers, bankers and oligarchs. Only 2% think that Vladimir Putin is a member of the world government.



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