Michio Kaku warns: robots bigger threat than aliens!


Still from Terminator: Rise of the Machines

Scientists are actively looking for an advanced extraterrestrial civilization with which we could establish a contact. So far, the search has not yielded any unanimous results. Meanwhile, more and more well-known people indicate that the first intelligent form of life, not including man, of course, can be discovered on Earth.


On February 21, Michio Kaku hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. He said that humanity will intercept radio signals and contact aliens within this century, but talking to them will be difficult because of the cosmic distances. We will also have to decipher their language and determine their level of technological advancement. The physicist claims that aliens will probably be a peaceful towards us.

The scientist also suggests that future intelligent robots may pose a greater threat than alien extraterrestrial civilization. Kaku thinks that robots now have the intelligence of a worm, but over the years they will start to catch up with rats, dogs and monkeys, and at the end of this century they will probably be able to oust humans. He says that intelligent machines should have built-in chips in their brains, so we will be able to shut them off at any time. Moreover, the physicist thinks that we should merge with them.

Scientists are outdoing themselves in their visions of the future. Some of them indicate the danger resulting from the development of robotics and artificial intelligence. Others look anxiously at the sky and claim that the Earth can be invaded by aliens like in Hollywood movie productions. Meanwhile, Stephen Hawking as one of the few scientists had the courage to publicly say that one of the greatest threats to our civilisation is ourselves.



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