Humans will be microchipped like dogs


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Microchipping humans is already here, but it is still voluntary. Governments and the media are trying to encourage more people to microchipping and they lie that this technology is safe. In fact, those chips will make us slaves of the system.


More and more companies in the world offer their employees chip implantation. The device actually gives some benefits because it can effectively replace ATM cards and ID cards. We would not have to be afraid that we would forget the ID or that we would lose the ATM card. At the workplace, with the help of this chip you can open the door, immediately log on to the computer, operate various devices, etc.


But on the other hand, such microchip marking gives corporations and state agencies a wide range of possibilities. We would be constantly under surveillance and treated as potential criminals. The government would be able to "remove" us from the system practically at any time, which in a world deprived of physical cash will mean more or less that we would not be able to buy anything or perform any transactions for lack of obedience.

Noelle Chesley, associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee says all people on Earth will be microchipped. This will not happen now or in a few years, but probably in the coming decades because many people are strongly biased towards this technology. Some compare the chip to the Mark of the Beast, meanwhile others simply fear government surveillance.


However, times are changing. In the future, workplaces, shops, banks and offices may start to require microchipping. Today, it is voluntary, but more and more people unthinkingly want to be microchipped, because it is so modern. They probably do not realize that the chip will remain with them for the rest of their lives. They will be slaves of the system and there will be no way out of this.



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