Former President of Brazil confirms he saw a UFO



Former President of Brazil recently gave an interview on the late-night TV talk show Conversa com Bial. Fernando Henrique Cardoso surprised us with his statement about his meeting with UFO.


From the interview we learn that in 1979, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, president of Brazil from 1995 to 2003, together with his wife Ruth and Celso Furtado, politician and economist, were returning from Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science. When they were traveling by taxi through the coastal city of Fortaleza, former President and Furtado saw the UFO. A huge flying disk was hanging over the ocean.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso – source: Alessandro Carvalho/Agência de Notícias PSDB-MG

Fernando Henrique Cardoso says that this strange bright object initially looked like a helicopter, but then it made unbelievable maneuvers in the air. The UFO had risen up and suddenly disappeared from sight.

Cardoso just confirmed the observation he made many years ago. Brazilian TV often spoke about it. Unfortunately, his wife Ruth Cardoso and Celso Furtado had passed away, and are no longer available to give more details on this case.



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