"Dead" woman found alive in morgue fridge after fatal car crash


Credit: Flickr/José Martins/CC BY-NC 2.0

A South African woman was declared dead by paramedics. After a few hours, the woman woke up in the morgue fridge!


On June 24, on a route from Johannesburg to Carletonville there was a fatal car crash. As a result of a massive collision, the car rolled and three passengers were thrown onto the road. Two people died on the spot, but paramedics made a mistake and considered the three dead.


A woman was taken in a plastic bag to the Carletonville hospital and was placed in the morgue fridge. It was not until several hours later that the morgue technician discovered that the woman was breathing.


It turned out that paramedics mistakenly stated the death of a woman, although, as they say, they checked the breath and pulse carefully, but did not detect anything. Therefore, it was surprising that the woman, although she was actually alive, was placed in the morgue. The authorities have begun investigating how such a glaring error has occurred.


Cases of this type happen surprisingly often. At the beginning of the year, in Spain there was a famous case with a prisoner who woke up in the morgue just before the autopsy, although three doctors stated his death. In November last year, a newborn baby was declared dead at a New Delhi hospital, and unexpectedly woke up on the way to his own funeral.



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