Baby in Indonesia born with two brains in one head


Credit: YouTube

Gilang Andika from Batam was born with two faces and two brains in one head. This is an extremely rare case of conjoined twins.


The children were born in Chamata Sahidiya Panbil Hospital and despite the tests, the doctors failed to detect any deformities. It turned out that the twins are fused together and in a quite unlikely way - they have two faces, and two brains in one head and in addition, they suffer from hydrocephalus.

But parents treat Gilang Andika as one child and now they are collecting money for surgery to remove one brain, face and fragment of a skull. However, performing such a procedure will certainly be extremely difficult and risky, while surgeons hesitate to make a decision. In the current state, conjoined twins have very little chance of surviving even a one month.

This case is referred to as Craniopagus parasiticus, i.e. a type of Siamese twins joined at the head, which additionally includes the defect of Diprosopus, consisting in doubling facial structures. The identical case of conjoined twins took place in 2014 in Australia - Faith and Hope had two faces and two brains and died 19 days after birth.



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