August 2018

Humans will be microchipped like dogs

Microchipping humans is already here, but it is still voluntary. Governments and the media are trying to encourage more people to microchipping and they lie that this technology is safe. In fact, those chips will make us slaves of the system.


More and more companies in the world offer their employees chip implantation. The device actually gives some benefits because it can effectively replace ATM cards and ID cards. We would not have to be afraid that we would forget the ID or that we would lose the ATM card. At the workplace, with the help of this chip you can open the door, immediately log on to the computer, operate various devices, etc.


But on the other hand, such microchip marking gives corporations and state agencies a wide range of possibilities. We would be constantly under surveillance and treated as potential criminals. The government would be able to "remove" us from the system practically at any time, which in a world deprived of physical cash will mean more or less that we would not be able to buy anything or perform any transactions for lack of obedience.

Noelle Chesley, associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee says all people on Earth will be microchipped. This will not happen now or in a few years, but probably in the coming decades because many people are strongly biased towards this technology. Some compare the chip to the Mark of the Beast, meanwhile others simply fear government surveillance.


However, times are changing. In the future, workplaces, shops, banks and offices may start to require microchipping. Today, it is voluntary, but more and more people unthinkingly want to be microchipped, because it is so modern. They probably do not realize that the chip will remain with them for the rest of their lives. They will be slaves of the system and there will be no way out of this.


The end is nigh! Computer model predicts end of civilisation in 2040!

Australian broadcaster ABC has republished its report from 1973. Scientists have presented in it very worrying results of the simulations conducted by a computer program developed by specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The model has shown that in about two decades, our civilization will collapse.


MIT researchers created the computer model "World One", and then launched it in one of the largest computers in the world at that time, which were located in Australia. This program focused, inter alia, on the increase of population, access to terrestrial natural resources, quality of life and the level of pollution of the planet.


The program "World One" was developed by the computer pioneer Jay Forrester for an international organization known as the Club of Rome. The simulation results turned out to be ominous. According to this program, around 2020, living conditions on Earth will become very difficult. Quality of life will continue to decline, and with it the population will decrease. If we do not do anything about it, around 2040, "the civilization we know will cease to exist"!

Misuse of natural resources is actually a serious problem. The Global Footprint Network report indicates that on August 1, our civilization used up all the resources Earth can regenerate in a year. In recent years, resource consumption has also been at a very high level. The Swiss bank HSBC also warns that the Earth is running out of resources. For humanity, it should be an impulse to take immediate action, before it's too late.


Farmers from Argentina blame aliens for mutilating cows

The Santa Fe farmers say aliens have mutilated seven cows. The animals were found without some parts of the body, including genitals and tongues.


Local farmers say that the cattle have been mutilated after the appearance of strange lights in the sky. That's why they blame aliens, and even the legendary chupacabra.

Chupacabra is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas, with its first purported sightings reported in Puerto Rico. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock.

The tests show that the cows were not poisoned or shocked. This strange case did not find any logical explanation. Local media say that rodents or scavenger birds may be guilty.

No one can tell what could have mutilated these animals, which is why people talk about aliens and chupacabra.


Jacob Rothschild: new world order is at risk

Over the past few years, Jacob Rothschild has expressed concern about the geopolitical and monetary situation in the world. This time, a member of the famous banker's family warned that the new world order is in danger.


Jacob Rothschild, commenting on the latest report showing the results of his investment fund RIT Capital Partners, stated that the global economic system that emerged after the World War II is endangered. The banker pointed to the trade war between China and the United States and the crisis in the eurozone as the main threats to the current world order.

He said that after the September 11 attacks and after the financial crisis of 2008, the world powers still cooperated with each other. But today, due to the growing populism that threatens globalization, as well as the geopolitical situation, related to, inter alia, Brexit, North Korea and the Middle East, this cooperation becomes much more difficult.


Jacob Rothschild warned in 2014 that the geopolitical situation was the most dangerous since the World War II. He openly suggests that we are getting closer to the outbreak of another global war, World War III - a serious conflict of interest that threatens cooperation, the global economy and, of course, the current world order.