December 2017

Skull-shaped asteroid will haunt Earth in 2018

An asteroid called 2015 TB145 will pay us a visit next year. This object has very strange shapes. It really resembles a human skull!


2015 TB145 is a relatively small Solar System asteroid. On 31 October, 2015; the skull-shaped heavenly body buzzed by Earth just outside the Moon's orbit, at 486,000 kilometres (302,000 miles). Astrophysicist Pablo Santos-Sanz from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia said that the object measures between 625 metres and 700 metres, its shape is a slightly flattened ellipsoid, and its rotation axis was roughly perpendicular to the Earth at the time of its closest proximity. 

But in early November 2018, 2015 TB145 will pay us a second visit. This time the asteroid will fly by Earth at a relatively long distance - around 105 times the distance between Earth and the Moon, so we can feel safe. Astronomers have never seen the asteroid with such unusual shapes.


Lunar Orbiter probe photographed a mysterious hexagonal crater on the Moon

A very unusual structure has been found on the surface of the Moon. Among the many holes caused by the impact of smaller and larger asteroids there is something else - a mysterious hexagonal crater.


One of YouTubers found strange structure in a photo taken from a height of 49 kilometers by the Lunar Orbiter 3 probe in 1967. The crater clearly has three perfect hexagons of different sizes, one inside the other. It resembles an inverted pyramid!

The structure of this type definitely could not arise naturally. Certainly it is not a impact crater. It looks like an object that could arise from the hand of an intelligent creature.


Terrified resident of England discovers that his house is haunted!

Stephen Lee filmed a ghost in his house in Kent. He noticed some strange incidents as well and now he realized that his home is haunted!


House owner installed cameras in his living room to keep an eye on his two French Bulldogs. But at night in the summer, he recorded something that resembles a ghost. Stephen Lee was skeptical, but then he changed his mind.

Later, house owner saw some mysterious events. One of his dogs kept staring into a hallway and growled. When he put up the Christmas tree, lights have flickered on and off. Stephen said that a few items had also been thrown on to the floor.


Finally he understand that the house is haunted. This is all the more likely due to the fact that the building once functioned as a hospital. Perhaps the soul of the deceased patient decided to live in it. It is not known, however, whether a man is planning to move, or he is going to get rid of unwanted tenants from the underworld.


UFO hunter spots alien on the Moon

Popular UFO hunter has discovered a strange object on the Moon. It looks like a humanoid alien!


UFO hunter known as Streetcap1 has found a photo taken by the chinese lander Chang'e-3. Right next to a large rock we can see an odd object, which reminds an alien. The majority of commentators have no doubt about it.

A lot of people have been suspecting that NASA, space agency from the United States is trying to cover evidence of aliens on the Moon. But the above photo was taken by lander belonging to China. When the truth about the aliens will be revealed?


Indian "mermaid baby" dies four hours after birth

A young Indian woman was taken to Chittaranjan Seva Sadan and Sishu Sadan Hospital in Kolkata, where she gave birth to a baby. But mother and medics was extremely shocked when it turned out that newborn baby had a very rare mermaid syndrome.


Muskura Bibi, 23, gave birth to a baby with complete fusion of lower limbs. Medics could not even determine the sex of "mermaid baby", which died just after four hours later.

In India, this is officialy a second documented case of childbirth with extremely rare syndrome called sirenomelia. Death in the first hours after birth is usually typical for children with this anomaly. But there were some exceptions - Shiloh Pepin from United States was born in 1999 and lived for over 10 years without surgery for separation of the conjoined legs.