July 2018

Futurist predicts that humans will achieve digital immortality

Dr Ian Pearson predicts that people will be able to transfer their minds to the computer and one day, we will attend our own funerals in a new body. In his opinion, humans will achieve digital immortality by 2050.


Cyborgization has some good sides. Let's take into account that we will be able to change every limb for a better one. Today's advanced prosthesis offer a sense of touch - we can feel, for example, the temperature, pressure or material from which the object is made. In addition, we could implant chips into our brain that would improve our memory, intelligence or facilitate the learning of new skills.


However, futurologist dr Ian Pearson indicates on his blog the possibilities that seem almost frightening. According to him, future technological advances will allow us to achieve immortality by copying our mind and transferring it to the cloud. From now on, human will be able to live forever in a digital form and "live" in the body of any cyborg. Dr Ian Pearson thinks that in this form we will be treated not as a regular computer program, but as a living, though digital, personality.

The futurologist believes that the first people will be able to do so at the latest around 2050, but the cyborgization, at least at the beginning, will be available, of course, only for the richest. Digital immortality will be more widely available in the following years, when cyborg prices will fall. However, practically unlimited possibilities resulting from the transfer of mind to the body of the machine will be rather available only to a small group of people from the world of finance.


Baby in Indonesia born with two brains in one head

Gilang Andika from Batam was born with two faces and two brains in one head. This is an extremely rare case of conjoined twins.


The children were born in Chamata Sahidiya Panbil Hospital and despite the tests, the doctors failed to detect any deformities. It turned out that the twins are fused together and in a quite unlikely way - they have two faces, and two brains in one head and in addition, they suffer from hydrocephalus.

But parents treat Gilang Andika as one child and now they are collecting money for surgery to remove one brain, face and fragment of a skull. However, performing such a procedure will certainly be extremely difficult and risky, while surgeons hesitate to make a decision. In the current state, conjoined twins have very little chance of surviving even a one month.

This case is referred to as Craniopagus parasiticus, i.e. a type of Siamese twins joined at the head, which additionally includes the defect of Diprosopus, consisting in doubling facial structures. The identical case of conjoined twins took place in 2014 in Australia - Faith and Hope had two faces and two brains and died 19 days after birth.


Most Russians believe in the existence of a global government

Does one global government really exist? Most Russians are convinced that a handful of rich people is controlling the world. This is the result of the survey carried out by the VTSIOM agency.


From a survey including opinions of two thousand people, we learn that 67% of Russian citizens believe in the existence of a secret world government. Only 24% negate its existence, while the rest remains undecided. Only two years ago, 45% of Russians were convinced that the world is ruled by a handful of rich and influential people.


The results of the survey show that the majority of people who believe in one global government can not prove its existence. Some Russians argued their position with the existence of organizations such as the UN and NATO.


Among believers in the global government, 74% of respondents claim that it is hostile to Russia. 23% of people indicated that the world is ruled by financiers, bankers and oligarchs. Only 2% think that Vladimir Putin is a member of the world government.


"Dead" woman found alive in morgue fridge after fatal car crash

A South African woman was declared dead by paramedics. After a few hours, the woman woke up in the morgue fridge!


On June 24, on a route from Johannesburg to Carletonville there was a fatal car crash. As a result of a massive collision, the car rolled and three passengers were thrown onto the road. Two people died on the spot, but paramedics made a mistake and considered the three dead.


A woman was taken in a plastic bag to the Carletonville hospital and was placed in the morgue fridge. It was not until several hours later that the morgue technician discovered that the woman was breathing.


It turned out that paramedics mistakenly stated the death of a woman, although, as they say, they checked the breath and pulse carefully, but did not detect anything. Therefore, it was surprising that the woman, although she was actually alive, was placed in the morgue. The authorities have begun investigating how such a glaring error has occurred.


Cases of this type happen surprisingly often. At the beginning of the year, in Spain there was a famous case with a prisoner who woke up in the morgue just before the autopsy, although three doctors stated his death. In November last year, a newborn baby was declared dead at a New Delhi hospital, and unexpectedly woke up on the way to his own funeral.