May 2018

Britain's first body farm could open soon

The UK authorities may give permission to open the first body farm in this country. It is an external laboratory in which the process of decomposition of living organisms - and more specifically people - is examined. Forensic experts are already looking for volunteers who will agree to give up their bodies after death.


Currently there are only nine body farms in the world. Seven of them were founded in the United States. Similar laboratories are located in Australia and the Netherlands. The body farms are used for experiments on human corpses. The remains are left on the ground, and the researchers observe the decomposition process. In other cases, corpses are buried, immersed in water or hanged on a tree. The point is to understand how the human body decomposes under different conditions.


Certainly it is quite a controversial idea. So far, Britain has been conducting such tests on animals - mostly on pigs. But this may change soon. Dr Anna Williams, an anthropologist at Huddersfield University, is in talks with the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health. Authorities are reportedly interested in opening such a laboratory.

Thanks to the body farms, scientists can look at the decay of human corpses, which helps in forensic medicine. Researchers can more easily determine the time of death and find potential killers based on the biological material that can be found in the victim's body. The body farms have allowed the United States to identify a serial killer and rapist from Chicago, John Wayne Gacy, who murdered 33 people.


The half-pig, half-human mutant found in lake

The strange creature was found dead in the lake, probably somewhere in the United States. The video posted on YouTube has sparked a huge debate.


At first glance, this mutant creature looks like a dead pig. But after a closer inspection, it turns out that this strange creature has a straight tail and human-like hands. If we look closely, we can see the fingers!

No one can clearly identify this creature. Some people say that it may be a human-pig hybrid that was created in a laboratory as a result of a failed experiment. Or maybe it is just a decaying pig?


Scientists say that octopuses are aliens from space

Octopuses are amazing sea creatures. They are intelligent, have three hearts and blue blood, and they can change color and shape at any time. For these and many other reasons, octopuses are often called underwater aliens. According to some scientists, these animals really came from outer space.


A work was published in the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, which included the opinions of 33 different scientists. Among them appeared Chander Wickramasinghe, a British mathematician, physicist, astronomer and astrobiologist. He is also a supporter of the theory of panspermia, which assumes that life came to Earth from space.


A team of scientists says that the "rain" of microorganisms from space could have initiated so-called Cambrian explosion - sudden appearance in the fossil record of complex animals with mineralized skeletal remains about 541 million years ago. In their opinion, foreign retroviruses played a key role in the diversification of life in the Earth's oceans. The authors also believe that it's possible that a frozen squid or octopus eggs came to Earth several hundred million years ago with comets.

This theory about alien octopuses met with categorical rejection. Many scientists have recognized the work of Chandra Wickramasinghe and other researchers as pure speculation. However, when looking at the octopus and its behavior, it must be admitted that there may be a grain of truth in this speculation.


Two-headed deer found in Minnesota

Researchers from University of Georgia investigated a two-headed deer. It was found by a mushroom hunter in a forest near Freeburg, Minnesota, in May 2016.


The conjoined twin fawns, which were stillborn, are believed to be the first ones found to have reached full term and then be delivered by their mother. The animal was clean, dry and appeared to be recently deceased. The mushroom hunter called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, where Gino D’Angelo, the researcher from University of Georgia was working at the time.


The two-headed deer was frozen and delivered to University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. D’Angelo and his team conducted a full necropsy, a 3D computed tomography and a magnetic resonance imaging. They found that the fawns had two separate necks and heads, but they shared a body. They had normal fur, normal heads and legs, and even almost perfect spot patterns running up their necks.

Gino D’Angelo et al/University of Georgia

Lab tests of the lungs confirmed the fawns never breathed air and were delivered stillborn, and the necropsy found that the does had a malformed, shared liver, extra spleens and gastrointestinal tracts, as well as two hearts that shared a single pericardial sac.


Only two cases of conjoined twins have been found in white-tailed deer, but both were fetuses who had not yet been delivered. Why these twins became conjoined is a mystery. Gino D’Angelo said that two-headed deer is extremely rare case.


Former President of Brazil confirms he saw a UFO

Former President of Brazil recently gave an interview on the late-night TV talk show Conversa com Bial. Fernando Henrique Cardoso surprised us with his statement about his meeting with UFO.


From the interview we learn that in 1979, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, president of Brazil from 1995 to 2003, together with his wife Ruth and Celso Furtado, politician and economist, were returning from Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science. When they were traveling by taxi through the coastal city of Fortaleza, former President and Furtado saw the UFO. A huge flying disk was hanging over the ocean.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso – source: Alessandro Carvalho/Agência de Notícias PSDB-MG

Fernando Henrique Cardoso says that this strange bright object initially looked like a helicopter, but then it made unbelievable maneuvers in the air. The UFO had risen up and suddenly disappeared from sight.

Cardoso just confirmed the observation he made many years ago. Brazilian TV often spoke about it. Unfortunately, his wife Ruth Cardoso and Celso Furtado had passed away, and are no longer available to give more details on this case.