January 2017

Erratic bird migration in Texas may be sign of some incoming disaster

On January 20, 2017, thousands of birds literally ran away from the area of ​​the US city of Houston in Texas. This event was interpreted by some as it may be a harbinger of some natural disaster that comes over the United States.

It is well known that in case of such phenomena, animals running are the first signal that somethong is going on. They instinctively sense the danger and given on the scale of this sudden migration of birds it can be really huge. The birds moved in disorganized formation, and some of them even struck the cars driving on the nearby highway.


There are no beautiful bird keys but chaos. That what happened in Texas is also named as "unjustified panic attack", which must have had a reason, after all. Some see here the sign of mother nature, others tests of new weapons, and for some it is just a scam. But the truth is that we have no idea what caused that strange behavior of birds and nothing indicates that we will find out soon.



UFO observed during eruption of Volcano Colima

One of the most active volcanoes in Mexico, Colima, is well known from many unexplained observations made by webcams monitoring it. On January 23rd 2017 some anomaly lookin like UFO was detected again.  

The footage is showing several white UFOs followed by some dark object. After few seconds Colima is starting another eruption. It is hard to say if this has something in common.

In the past, many times unexplained object were seen near Colima. A lot of this observations remains mistery untill now. It is worth to mention that very similar observations were made near another mexican volcano, Popocatepetl, that is even stranger than Colima.

For example there was incident when some object dive in the crater and flown away after two weeks. It looked exactly the same as it was the same object. But is it possible to go in and out of the volcano in some kind of device with our modern technology? It is not likly and that is why there is opinion that volcanos interior can be reached by UFOs where it may be some kind of secret bases hidden from humanity.


Strange creature found in New Zealand

Very strange creature was found on the beach in New Zealand near Kulim Hi-Tech Park. It had a large mouth full of sharp teeth and a long fin on the back. The animal seems to have no eyes at all.

After some investigation of a mysterious animal, scientists have come to the conclusion that the monster refers to a type of ostrogothic acne. They live at the bottom of the sea deep in the sand, but occasionally float to the surface in search of food. The length of these creatures can be 2.5 meters and more. Muscular folds around the mouth allow these eels-like fish, to consume even large prey. Sharp as a sword tail, helps in digging in the sand on the bottom.


Scientists have faced a similar creature in USA, when the workers cleared away the sand on one of the beaches. There are also stories about catch like that in the waters of Japan and even on the Mediterranean Sea.



Russian scientists claim that lake Cheko is not a crater of Tunguska Event

In 1908 on Siberia there was mysterious disaster. Some object, called the "Tunguska meteorite", fall from the sky causing distruction of wide area of Taiga forest. First expedition was there 20 years later but since then no crater was found what is very strange. According to one of the most known theories, the crater could be known today as lake Cheko.


In 1994 the Italian geologists proposed hypothesis that lake Cheko in the Krasnoyarsk region is the actual crater of the Tunguska meteorite. However, new research done by Russian scientists claim the opposite.

Specialists from Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk with the help of modern radioisotope methods, have determined that the age of the deepest sediments of the lake that were studied, reaches 280 years. And this is obviously not the limit, as the layers go on and on to unknown depth. This prooves that it was formed much earlier and can not be related to Tunguska event.




Hand of alleged alien discovered in one of Peruvian caves

Here it is new strange discovery in Peru. It looks like strange three finger hand and it was discovered in one of the deepest and previously unexplored Peruvian caves. Some ufo ecperts claim that this could be real hand of an alien whose skull was previously found in Cuzco, Peru.

If you compare this mummified hand with the limbs of different animals, existing and extinct, there are no coincidences. After X-Ray picture was done it wad possible to say it has bones but definitly not human type. It is worth to mention that it has also nails. The biggest resemblance in appearance of the hand is animal called sloth but if it is the origin it should have remained very long nails not this type. There is also some theory that this hand may come from some unknown bird, but in this occasion it should have claws and not shor nails.

Tissue decomposition on the bones indicate that the so called "alien" died relatively recently, about 3,000 years ago. In addition to this hands, no other body parts in the cave was detected. Ufologists are planning to analyze the DNA and find out to whom this hand could belong.



Four-legged child born in India

In indian state Karnataka in the city of Belary, was born four legs boy with two pairs of genitails. The parents of the child called his son "a gift of the gods" and they say that they are ready to take care of him as long as it is necessary. 


The mother of the boy already has a healthy three year old son. According to 23 year old Elitemma, at first she wanted to take the baby home, but then the doctors convinced her to give the child to a local hospital for further examination.


The woman claims that her family is very poor, and they have no money for treatment of this child. Infant with four legs is no under examination of the doctors. They say that the child is in stable condition. According to Indian pediatricians, it is one of the nost difficult cases they had to encounter in recent years.